Chapter 141 – ANGEL! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 141


I stand up, place the phone back on me and go for the door.

“Eric…. Why….”

I cut him off, with my hand on the door’s handle.

He’s having my back.

“One thing, Derek. Never betray me. You don’t want to know what that will mean to you. You know the exit. We’ll speak some other time. I need to calm down before that.” I walk out and close the door behind me.

Yeah…. Angel was right with Marta…. She was fucked in the brain by Horima…. He used his powers…. It wasn’t a free will choice for either of them. He forced them. I know how he did it. Them being only humans…. They were an easy target…. To further him to his main targets…. Me and my baby Angel and my baby boy Angel…. Okay, Horima…. You’re a demon…. I’ll give you special treatment…. Don’t you worry…. It will be accordingly to your status…. And it will be my pleasure to serve it to you…. You really don’t know whom you’re fucking with. And I’m not referring to Erioch here…. I’m referring to current Eric Rodricks. He fucks you. Not Erioch. Fucking son of a bitch….

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