Chapter 140 – You’ll Wish To Have Never Been Born On This Earth… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 140


I move my bull stare on the person, not letting go of my baby from my grip. Yeah, she’s still in my arms, on me.

It’s Derek, who’s intently looking at us.

You came…. And you’re looking too much at my Angel….

“Wait in my office. I’ll be there in a few. NOW!”

He nods and walks away. Yes, he has a freaked-out attitude and stare as I have never yelled at him or served him with this type of attitude. We were brothers. Now? He’s on my hitman list.

You son of a bitch…. Crossing me…. YOUR OWN BROTHER! Okay…. I’ll destroy you…. You’ll see….

I go back to my baby’s mouth to kiss some more and she moves her head aside, but I take her chin with my right hand and serve myself with sweet angelic honey.

You baby honey…. Oh! I so want you right now…. Fucking Derek….

After more kissing, while yes, baby Angel kissed me back and I went on Hell’s fire as I can’t go upstairs…yet, I leave her in the living room, with her saying she’ll go upstairs to take a shower and change her clothes, and I go to my office where Derek is waiting for me.

You went against me…. Fine. You’ll see my other side…. I don’t give a fuck you wanted business with another, it’s your right. But to try to maneuver the business we have together and steal money from me, covering your actions with your all. That’s what I’m pissed off on…. And not for losing my money. I don’t give a fuck on that. I have unlimited. That’s small change for me. But the gesture? Yeah…. You’ve betrayed me…. And I’ve saved your business every time you were almost out in bankruptcy…. This is how you repay your brother…. Fine….

I enter in my businessman attitude and stare, close the fucking door with a slam, and he startles.

“Eric? Why are you so pissed on me? What did I do to you?” He wants to look angry somehow, but he’s shitting his pants at my sight as I’m in my bull mode.

I sit on my chair, lean on it, cross my legs and have my arms on the sides of the chair, studying him.

You’re so fucking guilty….

“Cut to the chase. Speak.” I slice him with my bull stare but I’m keeping my calm.

He’s in a panicked mode but trying to cover it.


He pauses some.

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