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Chapter 139


So? How did you guys like my…little…show? He, he, he…. I told you guys no one stands in front of me, no matter how nasty or powerful he or she is. Yeah, except for my baby Angel…. She’s the worst! Ha-ha! And daddy’s main prize…. I smirk at you guys right now.

Well, I had my main prize all day yesterday and all night and…still having it…. We did stop for shots and food for my Angels….

How did I know about Horima aka Alaric being there? That’s easy. I’ve been monitoring him ongoing since I heard his name coming out from Marta’s lips that day when I stalked my Angel with my phone, which you know it has become a personal obsession. Well, I love her so much, so I’m excused…. I’m not a derailed one…. Or maybe I am…. But she’s my wife and I also do it for precaution purposes as she’s in great danger lately.

The potion? Hmm, I do work with a lot of paranormal people and they have their own lab in my agency to prepare things when or if we would have to deal with such cases. No, Horima is not the first one for me and for sure not the last.

Why did I attack his…balls? He, he, he…. Two reasons. One personal and the other one on point in dealing with his demonic side.

Personal one. He screwed my brother’s wife and I needed to crash what sinned in my bro’s life, and also to feel satisfied for the rage I had that I was the one forcing him to marry that little bitch.

And the on point one. Well, his type of demon takes power from his sexual conduit, so his dick and balls are sort of an Achille’s heel in his human form. And him being a man, it was so easy to attack the motherfucker. If it was a woman’s body…. I would have searched for another way to deal with it as I would NEVER see myself doing that to a woman’s vagina. UGH!

Anyways, this got solved for the moment and he’s contained. He’s getting a well-prepared treatment at the agency as in same potion shots, scheduled ones, some whipping with a whip dipped in another type of substances for his type of demon and waiting for me to give him further ‘sweet’ treatment. I do expect retaliation from his side. He’s a fucking prince and he does have legions of minions to do his dirty work or to save him. He’s an important motherfucker in his world. I know too well the fucker.

What pained me to hear yesterday, before entering the restaurant, was my Angel suffering and needing to take her own life to escape the son of a bitch in her previous lives. You don’t know the meaning of what she did. It was the greatest pain for her before doing it. It’s not only like in human suicide for Death Angels.

You guys may or may not believe in the existence of God or Angels or Demons or whatever, and when a human does it, it’s a whatever thing, thinking maybe that there’s nothing after death and that the human just wants to end it because of some shitty problems he or she considers are so heavy to deal with.

Guys? For those that commit suicide, believe it or not, it’s hell damnation for a thousand of human years for that soul. What he or she thought was so painful before committing suicide is really just a shit compared to what’s next.

So, no matter what one thinks it’s so bad and has the feeling to commit suicide, think hundreds of times before and don’t do it. The next ride is excruciating and unfortunately there’s no way back to right your action. It’s a sealed deal unfortunately.

Coming back to my baby Angel, it was a great pain because she knows everything, the reality of it and also the moment when her human body dies, her Angel entity gets Hell’s flames ongoing at such intensity that a human soul would be smashed and puffed in the Universe in the split of a second.

And she knew that but preferred it rather than surrender to the demon which she thought it was me, yet in her eyes I was as a demon as Horima, so no difference in her mind for doing so. And she did it for centuries when the time came. She preferred doing that and possibly end her entire existence, not only her human reincarnations, than becoming an Apocalyptical instrument for the demon.

But no human should do that. Don’t do it. Trust me. No matter the shit you would have as reason for it, the shit can be solved sooner or later, but the other ride? No. Keep that in mind and just pray to God to send you His Angels to aid you and ease the pain you have on your chest or soul. It will get solved. Sooner or later.

And yes, when he was declaring his undying love and shit and past and whatever to my wife? I went fucking NUTS! And after, I crashed some nuts…. Yeah, well…. I wink at you guys right now with a wide smirk on my face. Yeah….

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