Chapter 138 – Let’s Play, Motherf*cker…|Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 138


“OH! YOU SO PROVOKE ME! ALWAYS! WHY?! TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME TO BE BY MY SIDE AND MINE! JUST TELL ME!” He’s breathing like a demented and he’s in some sort of pains as he’s clenching and releasing his fists. It’s not for attacking me, it’s to keep himself stable. His demon prince might be itching to get out and he’s holding it in.

What I want?

I’m so fucking calm.

“To get yourself destroyed and pay for all your bad deeds. How about that?”

This is the point when a black web in symbols whooshes on his face for a second and then disappears.

A gun charging is breaking the silence of the moment.

It’s Eric who has his right hand raised with a gun pointed at him at some distance from us.

I don’t escape my eyes from Horima, with same iced and demonic stare at him, but relaxed. I’m not afraid of him or not in control over the situation regarding him.

When he sees Eric with the gun pointed at him and having his signature enraged bull stare, he bursts into laughter, applauding.

Everyone is in silence. Our agents have secured the perimeter and no civilian is present. They are ready for action. Rick and Justin are on Eric’s sides, with the guns in their hands, too.

Guys? Drop the fucking guns…. He can use them against yourselves without touching you…. He can frame a killing between you guys….

“Aww! The human husband came to rescue you! That’s delicious! Okay…. Okay…. Here’s what’s going to happen….” He turns back to me after he takes a mental screenshot of Eric and the guys.

Let’s see…. Say….

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