Chapter 137 – It’s Gonna Be So F*cking Bloody With This One…|Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 137


“Well…. That’s touching to the soul….” A man’s husky voice behind me marks his presence.

Marta tilts her stare, and her face transfigures in shock, leaving her mouth departed, and she’s trembling a bit.

Who the fuck is it, kid?

I turn around, having Marta behind me, and see the fucker. It’s Alaric.


I get tension building up in me and I look around to see how many people are in the restaurant, as I know I can’t hold in what I have in me and prevent not trashing him right here and right now.

There are several people. I don’t lose his stare that is like Eric’s on me and the same smirk and attitude with all the hands in his pockets.

I’m boiling.


She’s still behind me, silent so far.


You need to go, baby….

“Get your stuff and get out. Right now. And don’t look back. I’ll call you later….” I don’t change my position and my stare is a hurricane like my face for sure. I’m ready for a fight. I’ll smash him for everything.

You’ll see, monster…. You’ll see…. Just wait for the kid to leave…. Yeah, smirk. I’ll show you smirking…. In a few….

“O-Okay….” She goes and fetches her stuff fast. Her voice is trembling and weak.

He doesn’t look anywhere else than at me and his energy is trying to get into my heart and head.

Yeah, he’s trying to contaminate me with him. I feel it as it’s like a dark poison. This is how one like me perceives it as a warning that someone is attacking. No, it’s not affecting me. He can’t. He’ll never be able to make me love him or give in to him. Eric or no Eric, it’s the same for me.

She walks away like I told her to.

Playing dirty as always….

I’m chewing from my inner cheek with a devilish stare in my eyes and frowning at him, standing, as I’m standing since Marta came to embrace me.

“Oh…. Don’t get upset, baby…. She was an easy prey…. Nothing personal…. Too weak and needy….” He now winks at me.

Easy prey…. Weak and needy….

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