Chapter 136 – That’s Touching To The Soul…|Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 136


Well, yes, I have lunatic’s powers in me. But, as I said, I can’t use them as they’re not mine. I haven’t absorbed them to upgrade myself, I can’t do that, yet to invest him with them back when the time is right, and it’s proved he wasn’t guilty to be punished by that, it’s something I can do in a second.

However, to tell you a little secret, that I’m sure of, our baby gets from his daddy’s powers as they were in me before being pregnant with the little one. And because it’s his daddy, he gets those genes too. It’s a messed-up thing, but the ones above know how to right this situation and give him his legacy from his daddy and mommy in all.

If you’re asking yourself regarding Satan taking care of my business problems, yes, he did. He gave some text messages to his people while I was sleeping, and everything got solved. That bastard…. He annoys me with this, but I love him too for it…. Yeah, well….

It’s 29th May today. Derek canceled the wedding and all the fuss. Eric paid for everything against Derek’s will as he’s feeling guilty.

No, Derek isn’t upset on Eric or me. He’s acting normal, like before. He didn’t file for divorce yet, but I have Marta doing it. She’s the one who did the bad thing and she needs to right her actions and suffer the consequences.

I’m with her in one of my lawyer friends’ office who deals with such cases. She’s quiet and drained of energy. She’s like a robot and not her usual self. It’s normal for what she’s going through. I think she’s now realizing everything and what she has lost.

The lawyer, Joe Markson, asks her questions for the divorce. You know, the usual stuff. Reason for divorce and all. Joe? He’s a tall one, athletic built, brown eyes, lawyer attitude since forever, yeah, one of my Law school classmates, raven-hued hair in a GQ magazine style, and a millionaire. Oh, and age 32. He deals with rich people’s divorce cases.

I’m paying for this shit, too…. I have to. I’m guilty for it. No, he would never ask me for money, but you know me, I always pay for the services I ask for. It’s only normal. Friendship is one thing, business is another. And, I never let myself into debts or favors I might not know if I’ll be able to pay later.

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