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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • Don’t try to fit the story presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you.
  • This is a reading using different cards for job, career, business and love, to see the forecast for the Aries collective (Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus in Aries).
  • This reading will have a free, limited teaser containing the general predictions, and then we will have the extended part where we will have the entire reading for you to read continuing on specific job, career, business and love messages for Aries, which is for Members Only. If you want to access the entire reading, which is also in this post but locked for non-paid members, you need to become a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance member of our website. Baby Angel Wise will give you access only to the “Tarot” section of the website, whereas Baby Angel Abundance will give you access to both hot spots of our website, “Tarot” and “Romance Books To Read Now!”, to enjoy both tarot readings and romance novels. For the duration of one month for both type of memberships, giving you access to all their Members Only content, present Members Only content and whatever new content is posted during your one month of membership. But for this, you shall read more on the Join Us page.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice in any department of life. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s begin now, loves!

(This free part is only the General Predictions messages, the rest will be in the extended.)

General Predictions For Aries

For this general predictions section, I’m going to use one card from my other set of self-made cards, and this is from my own Animal Spirit deck.

And the coming out card for you is “Ant”. So this is your animal spirit features and guidance for this specific reading.

Alright, Baby Angels Aries! Let’s start with your general predictions on this card now!

So, for the following period to reading this, you must enforce team work and lots of hard work from your part to accomplish goals and personal wants. Perseverance is the key to make things happen for self, in job, career, business, and even in the love department.

You’re a bit out of discipline and self-control on some aspects. Therefore, where you know you have such lacks because of personal tension or whatever situations making you stress out, you must find that inner balance, and assume that you either need to change your self, or that you need to not give in to a breakdown and become one crazy person, losing control over important things.

So, watch out on that, because such a small loss of control might determine major losses and complications on the long term in the department where you’ll have that “breakdown”.

Having patience, and understanding that more patience is needed for whatever is dragging and delaying to manifest for you, as you’ve engaged a lot of hard work and time, is another important key to overcome situations at hand and eventually “grab” the targeted goal, object or person. You’ll have it, baby, don’t worry, yet this is a must to reach to that point. Don’t think you’ve dedicated yourself for nothing, as it’s not the case.

Because the Ant Animal Spirit is telling you that hard work is the main ingredient to achieve things. Slow and steady is another one, as they do move somehow fast as ants, but they don’t make the same steps and go to the same distances as other animals in the same given time. What an ant achieves in an hour, for example, other animals make that in a few seconds to several minutes.

However, ants always accomplish their set targets, they collect whatever is needed in their work, and they always make insane deposits for their living to have a sustainable lifetime, no matter how hard they have to work for it, the time they engage for it, the lengths they progress each day. From the animals, they always work hard during spring, summer, and autumn seasons, and during winter time? They’re all set, with all they need and want, and they have the now peace and quiet to relax and enjoy till the next working seasons.

So, considering this, expect a bountiful harvest from your past and now efforts for the late autumn season and going till winter and first weeks of spring. I see monetary harvests for many of you during that time, which is coming from the past, now, and ongoing sacrifices and dedication from your part till then.

As I said, no effort, no time invested, nothing engaged from your part will remain unrewarded. All your efforts and time will be met with the deserved “harvest” taking many forms according to your previous goals.

For those of you struggling with food provisions for self and family on a day to day basis, I see that you’ll either find a new job the soonest to start helping your such financial needs, some friends or family will find out the truth you’re covering on that and will lend a helping hand in either giving you some money or buying the necessary food items for you, or a charity institution will involve in your case to help you out of it for a while, baby.

Don’t lose hope, and ask people for help if you’re in such a predicament. Someone, at some point, will understand, and if the person has the means to help you, they will. You just need to find the right person for it. Just deliver your whole truth and speak with honesty. Say that you would want to work a job but you didn’t find one, as I see this happening. And maybe you’ll get help in both receiving immediate help for your daily food and necessities and a new job to start again in life. Okay, honey? God bless you and stay protected and safe at all times, as you’ll receive the help, don’t worry. Just hang in there.

For some of you, business owners, there’s something happening in your network. Someone is doing something affecting your working environment or your company’s image. You need to find out the truth on what that is the soonest as it’s a fucking ticking bomb, and you must find it and clear it up before the bomb BOOMS!

Three of your people, which can be employees on some high level job positions and/or business partners are involved in this. They’re sharing some secret info with the competition or with some high status forums that they shouldn’t by the company’s protocol. Obviously, it’s for their personal interest and gain and for your damage and collapse.

I always hate to say this, but hey, I must tell the truth. You’ve been betrayed in a harsh manner. And if you don’t catch all this in its “infancy” stages and correct it as best as you can, it would become a disruption for you in many ways.

And it would be a big time one as I can see for some of you that it might fucking explode against you EXACTLY when you should have received that windfall of money/sales/profits/big business deal signing you’ve pushed your ass towards and made lots of sacrifices and compromises to gain it.

So, find out what’s going on and take measures immediately to avoid it at your best. You’ll be able to. Just follow your instincts and DON’T THINK, “Nah, it can’t be that one…. They’ve never done such a thing. They’re fucking loyal to me.”

If you’ve had the instinct that such a person might be the one, it may very well be the suspect or suspects. Don’t fuck yourself over considering that everyone is like you, loyal to the core and per eternity. They fucking ain’t. Trust this “crazy” over here as I’m talking from experience.

You need to learn the lesson and accept that people aren’t like we are and they are preys of betrayal against the ones doing good, being loyal, and always sharing whatever is set to be shared. They’re never considering it being enough, they become greedy, and they fucking change resulting in fucking you over, never considering your past together and what you’re going to be left with without being fair to you as you didn’t deserve such a mess to land on you.

So, always listen to your instincts no matter how abnormal and unreal they may seem correlated to what you think and know about that person or people. Dig in, research, and find the truth. It’s for your own good. You’re the only person who can turn the tables in your favor as long as you’re innocent and not a bad soul, honey.

Just be wise, wear the cold blood of a businessman/businesswoman, and cut off whatever is bad from the fucking roots. No matter the losses by doing this, it would be way less than what you’re gonna face, baby. It’s for the best and for true abundance on the long run. It’s like, “I’m losing a ‘small’ battle, which I assume it, yet I’m winning the fucking war, and that’s my fucking target, no matter the costs and obstacles.”

And for others of you in the business/career field, start considering a loyalty program or affiliate marketing program for your business or company you’re working for, if you haven’t done it already. Your business is expanding, which is good, and such an addition will bring in more profits and a broader reach. So, think about it as I see it’s feasible with good opportunities for those of you in this category.

And last general messages for this card for a portion of you. I see an addition coming soon to your family. It might be a pregnancy, the birth of a child, finding that serious partner in love, moving in together, purchasing your first house together, or…one of your parents are announcing you either of a new sibling on the way, which could be a shocker for those of you over 18 of age, or that they finally found someone and are soon to get married. Something like that….

For a part of you in this category, I don’t know why, you know better, but an unexpected pregnancy or birth of a child, or one of the thingy with the parents, won’t really sit well with you guys…. Just saying…. As that’s what I’m feeling from your energy when such news will hit you like a truckload.

Oh! And we have number 7 on the card. So, you’re undergoing a profound spiritual awakening. You’re under Divine protection. Rewards for the past are soon to hit your life, just have a lil’ more patience. As I always say, it’s a matter of WHEN and not of IF. Alright, baby Aries? *smile and wink*

Number 7 could also be an important day for you. It could be your birth date, something happening in July, you could be dealing with someone born in the Cancer season, or it could be something happening on the 7th day of a month, or on a Sunday. It could be mainly favorable for you, as 7 is a divine blessing number, but it could also be a spiritual test, meaning you could be facing some not so pleasant situations where you must use your spiritual gifts, talents, wisdom to go through and pass it in a rewarding manner for your immediate and far future.

Well, I shall see you in the extended of this reading for more info. We will have several cards for each section: Job/Career, Business, Love. You will have it, as I said at the beginning, in this same post at the end of it for the free part. It will get unlocked once you become a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance member of our website. If you’re already such a member, just scroll down further, after all this ending for the free part, and you’ll have the second part unlocked, ready to be read by you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your reading and have been of use to some degree. I for one loved to be of service to you guys and deliver these messages to you. God bless and Love and Light at all times.

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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