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Chapter 134


Yesterday was such an emotionally stressful day for me and for the people involved regarding Marta’s actions. I’m constantly blaming myself for not seeing it before she did that.

I bought what she served me, that things between her and Derek were great, when she was referring to her and Alaric. That demon! I’m normally not fooled and should have seen the reality behind Marta’s lies. Therefore, I have the strong belief that Horima is responsible for this.

It’s his demon thing to sow wrath and crimes among people to make them bend to his wants. He’s like a puppeteer, playing with his puppets, in his own sick game.

And yes, aggression, violence, blood spilled and killings, are his demonic wants. Also, cheating, manipulation and all spectrum of addictions and negative stuff. All these are, as I said, his wants. Why? Because they give him demonic powers.

Marta and Derek are good souls at core. But they are humans and humans aren’t perfect beings. They develop weaknesses and if the human can’t control its weak side and work on it to turn it into a strength, they are drawn in his sick game. And demons prefer good souls with some weaknesses.

Why? Because they give him more power than a bad soul. It’s a limited-edition kind of thing, the rarest, and if he gets that, he’s empowered. Like the fantasy vampires. They can live on animal blood for example, but they only have vital energy, yet if they consume human blood, they’re all mighty and using all their vampire abilities. And virgin blood, you know, which comes from a virgin person, it’s the most powerful juice to their system. It’s the same criteria for demons. But replacing blood with all that I’ve previously mentioned.

I’m thinking of various scenarios, that are all possible. One. He wanted to get to me to take Marta’s soul out as a Death Angel as I can’t stand what she did, being a sin in many ways. What ways? Well, she has cheated on her husband like that. And she did it with a demon. She didn’t know on the demon part, but my Death Angel knows, and she would have been hit hard because of it. The hating me part and jealousy over me, were also ones that Saredonna would have punished for.

Horima knows me and he contoured this scenario to make me snap and take her soul out. And to hit me as she is my best friend and has my love as a sister. To break my heart and go lunatic over the disappointment and all. It’s a possibility.

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