Chapter 133 – You F*cking Bastards! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 133


Once I get inside, and before closing the door, I hear Satan’s husky voice from the living room.

“Angel? Now you come back home, baby? It’s 8 pm….”

Forgot about Satan, too…. My sleep? It’s fucked…. Yeah….

He’s coming towards me with a tsunami stare, left hand in his pocket, straight in stance and I’m so fucked up that he’s annoying me right now. And because he called Derek before having a chance to deal with things with Marta, I’m actually pissed off on him.

I’m for sure with my crazy iced stare at him and when he comes to take me in his arms, smirking and all lustful, I keep him at distance with my right hand on his chest.


“Why did you call Derek?! Huh?! Couldn’t we solve it just with Marta?! He wouldn’t have cared she was divorcing him!” I push him away.

“This is what he wanted anyways! You turned your back and let him slap her?! What if he would have killed her?! That shit was bad enough to get that reaction out of him! While I condemn her for what she did, that’s not healthy either! You don’t hit or beat a woman! You divorce and that’s all! I FUCKING HATE YOU RIGHT NOW!” I turn my back at him and go to the kitchen area.

YOU SON OF A BITCH! SHE WAS WRONG! ALRIGHT! BUT NOT HITTING HER FOR IT! She’s already fucked in life as a consequence for what she did…. For fuck’s sake….

I place my purse on the counter and go in the kitchen to make something to fucking eat. I wouldn’t eat from how I am inside, but I need to for my shots and for the baby. At least something that I can tolerate. I feel like throwing up….

“Angel…. Come on…. I was….”


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