Chapter 131 – One Thing You Shouldn’t Have Done! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 131


Derek is confused over what the problem is, but he’s keeping himself silent and composed, though he’s eyeing Marta and not in the positive way. He’s not on her side and for sure not the protective one at this point. He’s not getting mad over Eric’s reaction regarding his wife.

“I’m…. I’m sorry…. I….” She’s with a faint voice and she’s choking between her crying.

Fucking shit….

I close my eyes for a moment and try breathing.

“SORRY?! DO YOU THINK THIS GETS SOLVED WITH ‘SORRY’?! WERE YOU FUCKING SORRY WHILE DOING ALL THAT?! NO! YOU’RE SORRY NOW?!” He releases a sigh and tries calming himself, looking on the floor, putting his hand in his left pocket.

“Alright. Fine.” He’s now moving his demon bull stare back at her.

She’s on the verge of collapsing from her sight.

“You’ll get a divorce from Derek. You’ll get out of his life. And I don’t want to ever see you again. My wife will not be allowed to have further relationships with you. You’re not worthy of a husband like Derek nor of a friend as my wife. Your behavior can’t be tolerated. Not that type of behavior. You could do anything else and it would be easier to correct. But that? No. Never.”

She’s crying her eyes out.

“But I didn’t…. I don’t want to…. Please….”

Eric snaps once more at her.

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