Chapter 130 – Looking At Her, She’s Guilty Of Something |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 130


“It’s not your fault, Angel…. I’m sorry I yelled at you, baby. I was too eager to be left alone with you and have no problems around us, that I just took his reaction on Marta as a confusion of his feelings for her. And she was a good kid until then with true feelings for you and him… When I heard her earlier that she said she hated you because of that son of a bitch and being jealous over you being loved, I was almost in my car, on my way there, to destroy her. For how many things you did for her, that’s not the way she should react and reward you. She should have tried to be like you, and everything would have come to her naturally. And it’s not about virginity here anymore, it’s about the essence of a person. When I first saw you, I didn’t know you were a virgin. You took me into you for what you were as a person. I found out about it later when I was already invested in you with love and forever.”

You baby Satan…. I love you, baby….

I kiss lunatic and he’s going, as always, for a profound one, caressing my back and our baby boy is ecstatic for his daddy as he’s repeating ‘dada’ and giggling.

You love your daddy, huh? My baby boy love…. Mommy loves him too and you….

“I love you, Angel…. Always, baby….” He cups my face and kisses me in baby motion, and I caress his back.

“I love you too, baby.” I kiss him on the lips and he’s smirking.

Not happening…. This will not lead to fucking me…. Not now…. I’m too shaken because of all this and I’m at my limit with that kid….

“Come to daddy, Angel….”

Yeah, yeah…. No.

“No. Let’s deal with this. I’ll call Marta. She needs to face her actions.” I push him a bit and go and take my phone. I hoped I wouldn’t need to do this, but it has to be done.

You need to straighten your life and start being a good soul and a strong one….

Eric is silent at my back, where I’ve left him, in front of the bar.

“Yeah, Sel?  Something happened?” I’m having her on the speaker.

Yeah, shit happened….

“Come to my house. Without delay. Eric overheard our conversation and he’s mad on you for what you did to Derek. They are like brothers and he can’t close an eye to this when he was the one who put himself between you guys to marry. What you did has no excuse. I won’t abandon you, but this needs dealing with, kid. You can’t do this and have a way out, other than facing your actions. And no, Derek doesn’t know yet. I’m waiting for you.” I end the call while Jeremy has just come in the living room.

“Who did what? I love a good gossip! Ha-ha! Hey guys! Man! How much I’ve missed you….” He’s looking at me smirking and with a wink, with his hands in his pockets, dressed in a dark cherry suit and white shirt, black leather shoes.

You motherfucker…. You were the only person missing in this fucked up scene and Satan is already eyeing your ass to fang you out. Baby Satan…. He, he, he…. You lovely bastard…. Mommy loves you…. So fucking sexy when you go mad….

I smile at Eric who’s having his left hand in his pocket and with the other one having some whisky, with a raged bull stare on Jeremy cousin.      

 “Jer? I don’t remember inviting you over and I know Angel hasn’t. Your ass is not welcomed here. Turn your fucker ass around and dress the main door from the outside. Either that or I’ll fuck you so good that you won’t only pass out. Don’t you have doubts over that….” Yeah, his bull stare is a match to his words.

Baby Satan is on very bad things, Jeremy cousin…. He’d do it. We’re both at our limit with shit happening around us in all areas of our lives….

Derek walks in.


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