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Chapter 129


We stay some more, and I try to comfort her. We then go our separate ways, assuring her I’m not mad on her or that I’ll leave her. I go for a drive to cool off for an hour or so and then go back home.

Satan is in the living room, like a pissed lion, on the armchair, with a grey suit on and a white shirt, no tie, having a glass of whisky on the rocks in his left hand. He’s furious in his dark blue eyes.

What happened? Why?

He’s looking at me with that stare.

“So you’re taking her side on this….”


“What do you mean? Taking sides? I’m not taking sides.” I’m puzzled at him in stare and put my purse on the sofa.

He’s enraged in attitude.

That’s a new thing…. Never seen him like this on me….

“She fucks Horima, aka Alaric, cheats on my brother like that, and you take HER FUCKING SIDE?!” He’s standing up and he has smashed the glass on the floor, aside, not into my direction, at that yelling part.

Aren’t we pissed? What the fuck do you want me to do? I’m not okay with it either…. Okay…. Let’s see this side of you too…. You’re making me angry right now…. So fucking ANGRY!

I’M NOT TAKING SIDES!” I’m same enraged lion as he is.


“YOU DON’T?! YOU SAID YOU FORGIVE HER AND WON’T ABANDON HER! TO KEEP IT HIDDEN! ANGEL! SHE CHEATED ON MY FUCKING BROTHER! SHE’S A FUCKING WHORE! ONE THAT I’VE OBLIGED MY FUCKING BROTHER TO GET MARRIED TO! FUCK!” He’s losing it, now walking from one side to the other, with his left hand in his pocket and the other rubbing his face.

I can’t abandon her…. She’s a kid for fuck’s sake…. She has been abandoned all her life by family and shit…. She was on her own and she didn’t have a family to see things and have role models…. She’s bad on what she did with Alaric…. I know…. But I can’t turn my back at her….

“Eric. Let’s calm down. She was….” I can’t continue as he’s yelling some more.

I’m trying to keep my cool as I now understand why he’s so angry. Derek is his brother and he forced him to marry her for my sake as I love the kid and now he’s blaming himself for this.


“She was what?! What?! In heats to fuck?! Huh?! In Derek’s bed?! In his own fucking house?! And then everywhere?! EVERY FUCKING DAY EVER SINCE?! SHE’S A FUCKING WHORE! Derek was right! I was, first time in MY FUCKING LIFE, wrong! She doesn’t deserve him! In any fucking way!” He’s motioning his right hand to everything he says and he’s boiling. Even his hair strands are taken in his fury.

I’m tensed and clenching my jawline. I can’t say anything reasonable against what he’s saying as he’s right on what she did. But because it’s about Marta and that kid is still in my heart, I’m trying to defend her in front of him as much as I can.


“Eric! It was fucking Horima!  He did that on purpose! It’s not only her doing! He got into her!”

I know what you’ll say…. Fucking shit!

He’s erupting.

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