Chapter 128 – It’s Bad Alright… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 128


After we have breakfast, I call Marta and ask her to meet each other. She agrees to see each other in one of Derek’s clubs. Obviously, I’m having an army of agents after me and Rick, as always.

Eric is at his limit in letting me go out because he fears of something happening to me. After last night, he’s like a raged bull in an arena. We did have a little fight during breakfast over this. I won…. He’s not happy with this.

When I get in the private room, Marta is on her phone, texting to someone and not incredibly happy.

I’m sorry, kiddo…. I didn’t want that to happen last time. I did try to avoid it….

“Hey, baby.”

She raises her eyes at me, a bit hateful on me, but suddenly changes it into a serene one that’s her usual state.

Not very good…. Yeah, something’s up. And I don’t feel it’s connected to last night.

She stands up and hugs me.

“Hey! I was freaked out last night! All that?! What happened? No one wanted to tell me what that was about.” We’re seated at the table now.

I smile at her and fake myself in listening to her, which I do, but I’m studying her.

She has to tell me on her own…. Her heart is heavy on something…. I can see that…. Her eyes are not sparkling anymore, and she’s having studied moves and attitude…. She’s faking herself…. What’s wrong with you, kiddo?!

She’s having coffee and an orange juice. I have my Pepsi, but I’m not touching it. Something in me says not to touch it.

“I’m sorry for last night, kiddo. I really didn’t want to have that at your own party. That guy was crossing limits. I was diplomatic with him and told him to behave. He didn’t and came to our table. Eric was in the club, without my knowledge, and saw everything. You know how he is, and he couldn’t control as the guy was persistent. I did tell him to go and not make a scene at your party. He didn’t listen. That was the moment when Eric reacted over him. I’m so sorry, Marta. I really didn’t want to ruin it for you. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

I’m sincere with her, as you guys can see I’ve served her no lie. Well, for the human stuff and all. The other stuff is not something she needs or is allowed to know.

I can see you’re hiding something from me…. What is it? Marta?

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