• August 5, 2022

Chapter 129 – And I’m Not Even Guilty… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 129


Yeah, Desi is calming her down and keeping her on the spot, though my baby is angry at high levels as she considers it as lack of respect. She’s not one to take it as a compliment and cat around a guy for it. My baby is a serious one and needs no validation or sweet words and definitely not one to go crazy in a sexual way when a guy says that to her. She sends them to hospital. I can validate that as I get her attitude all the time and I’m her husband, but I love that about her as she’s a real one and never taken away by this stuff. She’s real to her core and never one to fall for this.

My baby….

Well, I finally reach home and she’s upstairs as Duncan tells me. Desi is on to the meeting with Richard, but she won’t find him there as I have already taken him into custody with my men and they’re torturing him at my agency to get info from him and see his situation, if he’s clean or not.

Baby! Daddy’s home! Give me my baby! I want my baby! I SO WANT MY BABY’S LOVE! COME TO DADDY! RIGHT NOW! Oh…. I’m so fucked…. And I want the real stuff now….

When I open the door, she’s standing in the middle of the room looking over her phone. She’s with her back at me and I’m all a smirk, sexy stare and all.

“Baby? Daddy is….”

She turns at me with a master killer stare and all serious.

What’s the matter, baby? Why?

I rest on the spot and look at her as it’s something strange in her eyes.

She shows me her phone in the air with a picture something in there.

“What’s this, little fucker? Huh? What did you do today?”

What? What do you mean? I did nothing…. Oh! Fuck!

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