• August 4, 2022

Chapter 55 – I Told You That You’re Gonna Regret Kidnapping This One, But It Would Be Too Late For That |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 55


“Is that so, weasel? If that’s the case, then know I have NO son. I have no Hunter Markle son. MY SON is not Hunter by name. He’s a real hunter by blood. And my son is before me, in this room with me. No kidnapping on him. I don’t fucking know what you fucker are talking about and who the fuck you’re having under custody considering to be my fucking son. Because if my real son would be under kidnapping with you fuckers? I would fucking pay you two billion dollars not as ransom as you’re asking to give him back but to fucking kill him and for I to have a son no more. But how none of that is valid, and my real son is with me? I advise you to call the real dad of whoever kid you’ve kidnapped.” And he fucking ended the call to these fuckers’ dropped jaws to the fucking ground.

Well, well, well…. You shouldn’t have messed with my dad’s balls, fuckers, and definitely shouldn’t have fucked with my ten-year-old balls either. Because I AM a fucking hunter by blood. My name hasn’t been randomly given to me as Hunter. My daddy knew who his son was gonna be and what I’ll be in my life…. MUHAHAHA! You fuckers have fucked with the only son of one of the greatest, cruelest, and biggest Mafia Boss heads of all times…. And that’s my daddy…. And I’m his baby son…. Ha-ha!

“What the fuck has just happened, bro?! Is this fucker for real?! We’re telling him we’re having his son, kidnaped, that we’ve killed his all men guarding HIS ONLY SON, and he fucking says he’s not having a fucking son?! No Hunter son but we killed his Harda son?! And he’s having his real son with him?! Who the fuck is this crazy fucker, bro?! He didn’t give a damn on anything! Kid! Who the fuck is your dad? We fucking know he’s the real Andreas Markle and that you are his true son, Hunter Markle! There’s no fucking doubt over it! Is he fucking mental?!” The one that had been speaking to my dad had a mental breakdown over how things went with my daddy, now looking at me for answers.

Well…. He is mental in general, but not the way you think he is. Ha-ha! He’s mental on the sane reasons as what he is, as that’s how it is required for him to be, stupid. But anyways…. Ha-ha! Oh, these losers….

“I fucking feel sorry for the kid now, bro…. To have such a fucking dad, man….” Another breathed out from the back of these four fuckers in front of me. “He’s fucking kidnapped by some crazy motherfuckers, and he doesn’t give a fuck over his only kid’s life….” He was truly impressed and suffering for my own fate and so against my dad, siding with me on this! Ha-ha!

Aww! I’m going to kill you last, big bro. You deserve a lil’ delay for that. Ha-ha!

I was looking at this one asking me the questions, shrugging my shoulders with a fake pout.

“I did say to you to call him, to be my guests. And you said why I was laughing, big bro. Now maybe you understand WHY my outburst in such a laughter.” I threw my chin and eyes at his phone which he was holding in his same hand, squeezing it in anger for his failed attempt to reason with daddy, and then moved my lunatic stare back into his baffled one.

“Isn’t it funny if you look at it from my side when you know what kind of dad you truly have? Huh? Yet you considered my reaction worthy of a slap. How was the slap my dad has just given to you guys? Huh? I bet it stung harder, way harder, than the feather you’ve slapped me with, big bro. Ha-ha!”

I snorted into another laughter with a throw of my head at my back, laughing in another range of tears for how fun all this was to my then self, because I knew why my dad was acting like that with them and what I already was even at ten, things that the fuckers were clueless over.

“He’s as insane as his fucking father! Kid! You’re on your own here with us! If we don’t get the ransom for you from your mental dad? You’re fucking dead! Don’t think that we’re going to release you to your dad if he refuses to interfere in saving your life by paying us two fucking billion dollars! That ain’t gonna work, crazy kid! No money?! You’re killed! Does your kid’s brain comprehend that now?! Huh?! You’re in danger here! We’re not playing!”

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