• August 4, 2022

Chapter 128 – I’ll Kill You Once I Land In LA! You’re Done! For Good! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 128


They’re in a fashion house where Desi is selecting some clothes for my baby and my little vampire has her arms crossed, head aside and puffs.

My baby….

I smirk over the phone and caress my baby.

“I’m not buying anything. I have enough clothes! And I’m not having any dresses!”

“Girl! You need dresses for the bachelorette party!” Desi is in her bitchy attitude, having a black dress in her left hand and the other on her right hip, with a crazy stare on my baby.

When little vampy hears the type of party Desi mentions. she’s fuming in attitude.

I’ll so fuck you…. Yep. Blood sucker….

“I’m not having any party! I don’t need that shit! Are you prone on honing my nerves on you?! You said you want to buy some clothes for you and to have some girls’ time! Now I find that you tricked me into this for that shit! Never! I’m going home to fucking sleep…. I have the bastard out of my life for some time and instead of using it to fucking rest, I’m wasting it on dresses and imaginary parties that I’ll never hold! I’m too fucking tired of life and too fucking old for this nonsense shit, Desi…. It’s not my thing and you know it….” My vampy has turned her back to Desi and aiming to go, but Desiree catches her jacket and drags her back.

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