• August 3, 2022

Chapter 54 – What The F*ck Is This Loco Saying, Bro?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 54


“Fucking rich kids….” Another one.

They were around twenty in the room with me, as they were prepared for how a high-level, wealthy man like my dad would do in such a situation when it came to his own kid. And yes, they were all fully armed and buffed in muscles and all that. Quite scary fuckers for a normal ten-year-old, no matter if poor or rich by status.

But how my dad is a fucking lunatic himself and not that a normal wealthy dad when it comes to his own fucking kid…. Anyways…. Ha-ha!

“Call Markle, bro. Put it on speaker to have his son’s voice to be sure he’s kidnapped by us.” A third one was speaking to a fourth one who was having a mobile phone in his hand and lots of equipment to have the call not traceable by authorities and such.

That should be such a short phone call with dad…. Ha-ha! Oh…. But I can’t say I’m not curious on what he would really say and do in such a situation. I’m sure on the essentials, yet curious on the actual words he’s going to use on you, fuckers. Ha-ha! Oh, dad…. I’m sorry about Harda, dad…. I’m so sorry…. I’m in pain for him, too…. He must know about everything by now…. I’m sorry, dad….

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