• August 3, 2022

Chapter 53 – He’s F*cking Kidnapped And He’s F*cking Laughing!|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 53


My dad? He’s the beast of all beasts as a dad, but a good dad. He’s never stepped in for me. Nope. His saying has always been this one since I was a fucking kid….

“Son? You don’t whine, you don’t come to me to tell me if someone has done something to you. You’re not a fucking wuss or pussy. You’re my fucking son. You either make me proud of you OR I fucking kill you with my own fucking hands. And if you come home after someone has beaten you up and you’ve lost? Don’t come home, son. From that fight you’ve lost your dignity yet still breathing. At home? You’re gonna meet your certain death delivered by your own daddy. Alright? My SON must be thousand times better than daddy’s balls. As your daddy has been than HIS daddy’s balls, son. There’s no other way, and I expect NOTHING less than that, son.”

Yeah, I was eight when he has first said that to me, and he would say that to me whenever I would have something, or he would sniff something wasn’t right with me. That was his manning up strategy when it came to HIS son. And yes, he was true to his fucking words.

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