• August 3, 2022

Chapter 52 – Strength And Real Power Of Self Are The Ones Giving You That Ultimate Privilege |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 52


The three men of my baby have just rushed in to the spot we’re on while I’m still with fucking disruptions in my heart, soul, mind, and body for what has just happened, trying to fucking process some sane scenarios for it and get some clues in my fucking mind on how she’s done that and where she might have vanished to. The fuck if I’m not going to bring MY BABY BACK EVEN FROM THE FUCKING DEADLAND IF THAT’S THE CASE! FUCKING WATCH MY FUCKING BALLS!

“Oh God…. If she’s done that…. It’s bad…. Shadow must have put the ultimate poisons in his blood to have it bad on Saint…. She wouldn’t have commanded her transfer otherwise….”

This is a Latino type of man in appearance, speaking with his eyes scanning the perimeter we’re on, where my baby took a hike from just less than a minute ago. And yes, he’s from the three men of my baby.

I turn my now pained dog, mad dog, devil dog, bull beast, worried sick beast, ready to kill everyone beast cocktail stare at him, and without my fucking control, my fucking right hand is already in his fucking neck and it’s tilting him in the air while my rabid stare is pinning his.

“YOU tell ME right NOW where MY WIFE IS! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?! CHIRP FAST OR I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!” I’m not in control anymore and he’s already changing colors at face, fucking suffocating, while my own chest is between inflammation and suffocations for what has landed on me with MY BABY just before my FUCKING EYES!

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