• August 2, 2022

Chapter 51 – I’m Going To Kill You In Such Pains You’ve Never F*cking Experienced In Your Entire F*cking Existence! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 51


Jesus…Christ, man…. The fuck is all this…. Oh my God…. And she’s…. 

I’m watching how the 49 families’ heads and their right-hand men are taken in the air with her visible light whips, and the entire horror scenes with those fucking tentacles or whatever the fuck those are on them in that charcoal black, a dirty black, leeched on their heads, trying to do something to them.

The entire room is under a storm-like weather, an imposing whirlwind of some sort, with a loud sound, like a crazy weather battle is under works, but it’s only inside, as outside is fucking more sunny than cloudy.

Yet, the table and the chairs aren’t moving, and nothing else is moving, resting on the regular spots without being affected. However, each person up in the air held by her light whips are having their clothes and air under a fucking silent hurricane.

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