Chapter 50 – I’m Sorry… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 50


I’m sent down my knees while the entire dark matter from the heads and their right hand people is being absorbed in me through my light whips, yet my back is still straight and I’m fighting it with all I’ve got left in me to see it done and clear the people of Shadow’s bad blood.

However, I’m on fucking automatic as my brain is fucked and my heart is more than fucked. I don’t feel my fucking heart anymore, and I can’t REALLY think anymore as Shadow’s blood through all the dark matter is entering in me, directly through my heart, intoxicating me with a heavy poison feeling, because I’m not that recovered as what I am, as I’ve said.

He put his best bet on I being in the first stages of recovery as my true Saint identity, which is not a that losing of a bet, to fuck me good and possibly even eliminate me with all this.

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