Chapter 126 – We’ll See Who Does The Sucking In A Few… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 126


He’s avoiding my stare.

“Now, Hans. Two options, buddy. You either tell me everything from the start and maybe you’ll be somehow spared by me or say nothing, and you don’t get to go out through that door alive. Your choice.” I smirk at him, having my psychotic stare on him, locking it with his I’m-shitting-my-pants-right-now one.

“I was forced, David! I was forced! My sister is kidnapped by them and I had to follow their orders to give her back to me! She’s 18! It wasn’t against you by my choice! They said that if I get to tell someone about this, my sister is dead! I’m tied up! She’s three weeks away from family! They didn’t want money from me as I offered them any price for my sister! They said they want actions against you, their way! I said that’s impossible as you’re a good and clean guy and don’t deserve such a thing and they….” He’s with his hands over his face and almost crying.

The fuck is this about…. Kidnapped your sister? They what?

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