Chapter 125 – It’s True You Don’t Know Who I Am In Reality, But Even So… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 125


“David! Looking good! Nice resort, and the club is wonderful. I’m in awe of the architecture of everything. No wonder it attracts so many heavy pockets….” That’s Hans Hiltrich. He’s in his thirties, athletic built, not ugly, and cheerful at this moment.

Yeah…. I’ll so fuck you in a sec….

I handshake with him having the same smile.

“Why thank you. Yes, it’s all designed under my guidance. I like exquisite in my all.” I handshake the other two who are Joseph Dietrich and Michael Hollentz.

They support in words and attitude the first one.

“Take a seat.”

Sebastian brings me my iced whisky and I have some.

You fuckers…. It wasn’t enough, huh? Well, we’re going to fix that….

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