Chapter 37 – Poor Baby Boy! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 37


“What’s wrong, baby? Don’t scare me…. I swear to God I did nothing wrong….”

I cut him off and deepen my stare into his eyes.

“Shut up and stay still.”

He widens his eyes at me, not understanding. I do have superpowers….

When I look into someone’s eyes, I do see and read that person like I would a book with pictures and sometimes even conversations with voices come to me from that person.

I see and hear him speaking with his dad about my dad. He’s Mafia, married to a whore? And having a son younger than Alessio, Jared something. My dad’s name is Mathew something.

My breathing is fucking my chest because it does hit me to learn that.

His dad is revolted for the revelation he had over my dad regarding me and mom. And Alessio is telling him to not tell me before knowing things first and have a meeting with my dad in private. I’m receiving all this in pieces and I’m putting them together.

This convo seems to have happened yesterday morning because Alessio briefly looked at his watch and it was eight-twenty in the morning. He was wearing last night’s suit when I see his arm.

Then I have a flash with a young woman, model type in body, wearing a white suit with a short skirt, white high heels, sexy as fuck, brunette, loose long wavy hair, standing up and calling his name, wet to her core to see him. It’s like in a restaurant, but the type with a private room, a luxury one.

He’s backing off and yelling at Brent. He goes out angry, yelling something but I only have a clear sound over the ‘Fucking bitch’.

I break visual contact because he was with his heart in such rabid beats that is suffocating me now.

“Baby? What’s wrong? Why?”

I’m catching my breath, looking aside, with my hands on his shoulders.

He’s checking me out, obviously not understanding what has just happened. He’s disturbed in voice to see me like this after just looking into his eyes.

“I’m fine. Just let me calm down a bit. Man….” I’m turning back on my seat to calm down my heartbeats from what I’ve learned about my dad and also taking on me the state he had on him back then.

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