Chapter 127 – Never Having Enough… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 127


The fight is on for the last, I don’t know, fifteen minutes? Anyhow, the scores are the same, Eric is kicking his ass and the fucker gets all of them. The club is trashed, and the fucker doesn’t stop or say something about him and all.

This shit is lasting for too long. Fine…. There are no people here any longer, except for our own…. I can use my powers and get to this shithead….

I unleash as Death Angel and I have my powers on. No, I don’t use the vortex. But all the other things are on.


Satan has just sent his ass over some more tables, smashing them with the fucker.

“Eric…. Move aside…. NOW! He’s mine now…. I’m getting bored of all this and I need to get home, to fucking sleep….”

Satan smirks at me with his usual we’ll-fuck-when-we-reach-at-home stare.

I can’t stand you either right now….

I ignore lunatic’s stare and the guy is standing up, looking at me, with a sexy smile and so wanting of me.

I’ll kill you…. Watch me…. All that? Is going down….

I raise my hand and while I’m doing it, the fucker is taken in the air and my energy goes around his neck, like I’m doing that in reality and not with my powers.

“Two options. You either start speaking or you’re going to die.” My stare on him is demonic and iced and I’m real in what I say.

Five seconds and you’re out…. I feel so fucking worn out…. Don’t fucking know why….

“I’ve already told you, baby.” He’s not very affected by my grip on his neck and that he’s hanging in the air like that. He’s smirking at me and has same stare.

He goes on his nonsense again…. Alright….  

Once I get through him with my Death Angel stare to see him inside….

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