Chapter 126 – You Touch What’s Mine. You’re Dead! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 126


I take a seat at the table and grab a can of Pepsi. I have some and get my phone out. Eric has called 50 times and sent 38 messages.

You baby Satan…. Never behaving…. I think you spend more time on your phone than with the guys there…. He, he, he…. My lunatic….

By the time I want to answer to Eric with a short message that I’m fine and no real problems occurred, the fucker takes a seat at my table.

“You have an intoxicating smile, baby….” He’s leaned back on the chair, with his hands in his pockets, one leg crossed over the other and looking at me with same stare as before, with his head a bit leaned at me, smirking.

No…you…didn’t…. Provoking me…. It won’t end well for you, fucker.

I put the phone on the table and take a straight stance on my chair with a lunatic stare at him, all serious.

“Five seconds.” And you are dead….

“Five seconds? For what, baby?” He has a devilish smile and winks at me.

If it weren’t for Marta…. Keep it in as long as you can, Sel…. Don’t destroy the party…. You’ll upset the kid….

“To get your ass up and disappear. I’m not joking, kid.”

He laughs in tears.

Five…. Four…. Three….

“Kid? I’m not a kid. I’m a man.”

Two…. One!

I stand up and grab him, take him from the chair and push him out of the private area.

He’s crazy laughing.

“This section is private. No one called you here or allowed you. Go and stop provoking me if you don’t want your ass to be out of the club for good.” I stress each word and give him my back. No, everyone is dancing and not seeing much the scene.

I get seated again, with my back to where he is and take the phone to continue my thing.

You’re fucking lucky Satan isn’t here. He would have given a fuck on Marta’s party and destroyed you. I, on the other hand, don’t want to make a scene and crash the party for her. Yet, if you don’t give up, I think I won’t be kept by that thought any longer…. I’m sorry, kid…. If the fucker continues, I’ll break and fuck his ass. By the way, where’s that kid?

Eric is calling.

I now take the call, first time ever, for the fucker to hear and give up.

“Yeah, baby?”

He pauses.

Yeah, yeah…. I fucking answered…. If it weren’t for this fucker, I wouldn’t have.

“What’s wrong, Angel? Someone bothering you?”

I should have known…. He’s not a stupid ass.

The fucker has just taken a seat back on that chair, having the same stance, attitude and grimace at me like he had before. All smirking.

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