Chapter 125 – Don’t Let A F*cker Provoke You To Those Lengths… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 125


These past three months were some heavy shit inside of me. I had to undergo a lot of body tearing up serums to gain strength and protection as a human, and a pregnant one on top of that. I didn’t have attacks so far from the demonic side, but I have a growing feeling of bad omen inside. It’s probably approaching the next battle. He won’t let go. He’s not made to let go.

He became devil for this, he made the ultimate sacrifice for this, he let go of God and of his divine creature for this. He won’t let go. I don’t know why he did what he did at origins. He never gave signs for his actions. Horima was a good Angel, loving of humans and of Earth. He had many battles to protect you guys and was one respected General. Not anyone would have been my partner back then, so, you guys can understand how good and divine he was. We were all in tears and pained above for losing him and in such a way. The ultimate sin….

Anyways, I’ve been searching for him and recalled the circumstances my mom told me about my birth. Because before my awakening I had no recollection of my nature as a Death Angel or past lives and shit, I didn’t know about the sign, the mark, therefore I couldn’t put a match on it. Now I can make that connection and what happened at my birth is important to what I am and my duties above and on Earth.

After I went to mom’s and Eric heard it too, we have been putting pieces together and started digging into it to find new information that might be useful. We have no real lead for now, but we’re not giving up. It’s not our thing to give up.  My mom is human all the way. She’s not like me, having divine powers, being a supernatural, no. She’s a strong ass human, reason why I’m a strong ass human. She helped my genes to be to one I am as a human. 

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