Chapter 124 – Don’t Keep Me Away… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 124


I turn on my phone and access the room coordinates to see and hear in there. I have in my pocket my earpiece to connect it to it and not be heard. Yeah, I want to know. Privacy? I know…. But I have some bad feelings and I need to know. I’m not going to eavesdrop at the door, I’ll use my gadgets…. Isn’t it more polite and giving more privacy? See? All done…. He, he, he….

They’re in the room now, her mom on the main chair at the desk and Angel in front of her, standing and moving around like a crazy person, thinking.

What’s wrong, Angel?

“Selena? What is it? You were so concerned over the phone yesterday. Just stay in one place! You make me dizzy! I’m not young anymore….”

Angel stops and looks at her, biting her nail in front of her mom, with worried eyes.

This can’t be good…. She has never done that….

“Mom? Can you tell me one more time all that happened when you gave birth to me?”

Her mom raises her eyebrows and her eyes go dark. She’s tensed, with her jawline contracted, leaning back on her chair, with her right hand on her desk.

That’s going to be very interesting….

I slam ice cubes in my glass and pour whisky, not taking my eyes off the phone. I drink some. Yeah, I’m still in the kitchen, at the table.

“What happened, baby? Something wrong? With you? With the baby? Tell me. I may be old and sick, but no one touches my babies. Did you feel something?”


Angel is still standing, with her hands on the chair in front of the desk, and her eyes on the floor.

What’s the meaning of this? Baby? YOU NEVER TELL ME! FUCK ME! You She Devil….

“No…. I mean…. It’s nothing new…. But…. There are other things happening…. And…. It might be connected. That’s why I want you to recall it one more time and tell me all. With that mark on me and everything. I remember what you told me, but I want to make sure I haven’t missed something. Please. I’m sorry talking about the past again. I need to hear it again unfortunately, mom…”

What the fuck are you speaking about, Angel?!

Her mom looks at her intently, scanning her, releases a sigh and she’s playing her fingers on the desk, drumming them. It’s a hard thing for her to speak about it. I can see that. It’s something painful.

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