Chapter 122 – Not Hearing You, F*cker… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 122


She’s surrounded by the scenes, alone for now. There are images with cars, buildings, night mode, an abandoned warehouse. There are many places from where one shooter could pop.

She’s straight in stance and scanning with her eyes slowly and with the corners of her eyes, the entire place, not moving and not having her guns in her hands yet. It’s a half an hour simulation for the hard mode or more. It depends on the agent’s skills. We can see her on screens. Her front, back, sides. To see her moves better. Also, we can see her on the window we have between the rooms.

Finish fast, baby…. Daddy is hungry…. So fucking hungry…. You’re delicious and daddy’s entire menu….

First ten shooters randomly appear from everywhere. In five seconds, she puts them down without being touched.

“That’s amazing. Five seconds. Only you manage that, Eric.” Mickhael tells me, with a surprised grimace and now with a crack of a smirk, looking on the screen with reports. Her scores spiked. She’s on the same place as me at this first step of the simulation.

Next step, she has twenty shooters. Five on different buildings, five coming in from different cars, five from the warehouse, and five from streets. Yeah, she has a web of streets between buildings. All this is around her.

They randomly start shooting on her and she waves, dodging the bullets and shooting them out of the game. She’s very fast and all this happens very fast. It’s fucking hard mode.

“15 seconds!” The guy on the computer yells, amazed. She’s still same level as mine. Yeah, mine is 15 as well.

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