Chapter 119 – This F*cking Shit Complicates Even More… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 119


I’m fucked up inside but getting relieved it passed and I have her well and alive in my arms. The fucking demon danger is still present, but we have a break now from the battle.

He was scared by her last attempt to destroy him. It means it could hit him and damage him in vital terms, otherwise he wouldn’t have left. Or, he’s still thinking of ways to get her and he doesn’t want her dead yet. I’m not sure which one is valid as she sealed our land from him. Even if he wants to penetrate in here again, he can’t. She’s a powerful Death Angel and protection is one of her specialties. He clearly wants our baby for his malefic plan to conquer and rule Earth.

When we reach the room, I put her on the bed. She has already fallen asleep on me. I go in the bathroom to take the aid kit to clean her hands that are having cuts inside and blood.

My mom was terrified when she saw us as they heard and saw from the inside what happened. She was all crying and worried for my baby. The others too.

While I’m cleaning in slow movements her left hand, with me sitting on the bed, she moves it and opens her eyes. Her playful jade eyes matched with a warm smile on me. The danger is seemingly out.

“What are you doing, baby Satan?”

I’m cleaning my baby Angel…. Daddy is a fucking mess right now…. I can’t even gather myself inside…. I’m too fucked up….

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