Chapter 118 – I’m Cursed And Blessed… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 118


They are fighting for the last twenty minutes or so, I don’t know anymore, but it’s not a few minutes. He’s growling at her, hissing, inserting persuasive words to submit her to him from time to time.

Angel hasn’t spoken a single word since then. She just moans in pain sometimes as her body is worn out and when she goes for higher rates of using her strength against him it hurts her inside.

She’s unleashed on the motherfucker, he’s the same at her. He doesn’t spare her body with slapping her with dark matter to make her have no ounce of will or physical power and accept his want.

Jeremy and Dad and the others have crossed my orders and trying to break the light veil that surrounds them, to help her, but they’re more hit than I am. Several of my men have got severe burns on their arms and sent meters away. Only me, dad, Jeremy, Justin, Rick and our grandads are still on our feet, fighting to get in to help her, as she’s at her physical limit in the battle. We have the best genes to engage and have endurance over this shit, that’s why we are still standing and pushing to break in.

Obviously, we are still at point zero, as the fence is not humanly made for us to destroy and make our way inside. No human weapon or instrument could be used to facilitate us freeway.

Because I no longer have attacking divine powers, just protecting myself powers as in a shield of energy, I’m not able to counterattack and cancel the light fence.

The strength I have, as you guys already know, is powerful, but not for this. And I’m also fucking banned from above to enter the fight. I don’t know what the above realm has in mind with this and why they chose my baby love to deal with it alone. He’s no fucking joke even if she was a full General Death Angel right now. He’s a demon prince and above a General. Angel is not an ordinary General either as she was as she is now, full of abilities and strengths, but her human body is not like mine.

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