Chapter 113 – She’s Acting As The Death Angel With God’s Power Now |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 113


We all look behind.

Angel is down the car, with her Death Angel signature eyes, having a luminous vortex around her, coming forward, walking, all angry and pissed off with her hands a bit raised, with her palms facing them.

Baby? Fuck!

Jeremy is fucked up and the others, seeing her like this.

She walks past us, but not before we take steps back to avoid the absorbing vortex.

No, we are not affected and not even our cars, as she’s clearly not sending it to our side. Rick is down the car too as he has just come to my side, running.

When she slowly raises her arms up, all the Yakuza get disarmed and up in the air, making them scream and trying to get down.

Fucking suckers…. Scared now, huh?

When she narrows her arms, slapping her hands, they all get knocked between each other and sent on the ground. The moment some of them want to get up, all fucking dizzy and not believing what fucking hit them, their cars, behind them, start shaking and trembling.

Helicopters with my agents are arriving at this point as probably dad called them. Angel gets the cars in the air and smashes them, screaming as she’s using a lot of energy to do all this. She’ll need so many fucking energy restore serums for this….

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