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Chapter 110


We go to the tennis court where there is a changing building. I’m with my baby in the audience. No, I don’t want to fucking play. I’m fed up with this kind of shit. I just want to stay with my baby. I play every year. It’s enough. This year I can fucking skip it.

Family shit… I have action all day long at work. I don’t need it in my fucking free time too. In my free time, I need baby love….

And I look at my baby who’s sitting next to me, take her right hand and kiss it and then her temple.

My baby…

The teams and pairs are already decided. Bad grandpa one with bad grandpa two will play against each other. The ‘too old for this shit’ ones. Dad will play with Jordan’s father. Mom with her mom. No, Jordan is not playing. She never plays. She might break a nail or something or fall on her ass and expose us her private parts… That moron… Jeremy would have me as an opponent. It seems he’s not on the list….

Hmm…. You never give up on this shit…. Strange…. 

The teams? Well, it should be bad grandpas against bad dads. Meaning my old man and Jordan’s father this year.

He, he, he…

Jeremy comes out all dressed up in his tennis gear.

So, you play too? With whom? Motherfucker… I’m not fucking playing. Sucker… I played tennis last night having your head as the tennis ball.

I smirk at him thinking about that…

“Cousin! Get your ass out here! I want to play! This year…I win!” He’s moving his eyebrows at me and smirks.

Not happening… Just die.

“This year…eat shit, cousin. Not playing. I have other activities.” I kiss again my baby’s hand and her temple.

My love….

I smile at my baby….

“Yeah?! Then, Selena?! Heard you were a tennis player! Come here and win against me! Are you up to the challenge?!” He’s smirking with a bad boy look in his eyes.


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