Chapter 93 – She Had Such A Tough Life… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 93


Dad snorts into laughter with tears in his eyes, palming with his left hand the sofa. He’s enjoying this.

I’m on the armchair in front of him.

What’s so funny, dad? I’m so fucked here, and you find it so amusing?! Great dad you are…. Fucking life….

I signal Sebastian to give me some whisky. I need it to keep sane enough.

“David! You’ve got played?! My son?! Ha-ha!”

Yeah, yeah…. Laugh…. Consider yourself lucky you’re my dad…. Otherwise…. Yeah….

I sip some whisky as Sebastian has brought it to me. I lean on my armchair and have a poker face but pissed off. Like a lion who got played by a kitty…

“What can I say, dad? She’s the best wife out there…. She plays…. A lot…. And so crazy…. In blood she plays me….”

He laughs some more, reaching a hysterical laughter to my fucking frustration.

STOP LAUGHING! I’M PAINED OVER HERE! That bloody vampire and her little fangs…. My love…. He, he, he…. Yeah…. I would have laughed, too, if I were in Dad’s place….

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