Chapter 91 – You Really Didn’t Deserve That… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 91


When I get out and look on the hallway, she’s half the distance from the kitchen, leaned back on the wall, with her arms crossed, looking down, and playing her right foot on the floor. She looks like a teenager and I’m back to my heated-up state, wanting her so bad.


She doesn’t look at me yet continuing her thing over there.

I walk towards her.

My angelic baby….

“Is she pregnant?”

What? Did you hear it? Fuck! You never listen to me! I told you to stay away and not hear it or go to the living room! She’s in her depressed mode again…. Man!

“Why would you say that, baby?” I’m lying, yes. But it’s not Stevie’s. And I’m feeling that bitch isn’t even pregnant. I’ll find out later.

I take her from the wall on me and caress her arms.

My little vampy….

She’s avoiding my stare.

“Just tell me…. Is she or is she not?”

Why don’t you let daddy solve it?

I take her chin and make her look at me.

When our stares meet, she’s having watery eyes and in deep depression mode.

Yeah…. Break my heart into pieces….

I kiss her lips and caress her back. She’s so fragile right now. She’s got another hit. One from her brother. For whom she went into Hell kitchen today to prepare all that. She’s avoiding me.

“I think I failed as his sister. Maybe I’ve exaggerated with my ways on him…. Yeah…. I’m at fault for this, too…. Go figure…. I’m always having expectations and consider that I’m being constructive and shit but look at the results…. Marianne went into shit, mom and dad dead, and Stevie…. I don’t know…. I really have no expectations from him anymore…. I’m so fucking tired of all this…. I’m fighting too much for everyone, sacrificing myself, putting everyone else first and look at my fucking rewards…. Yeah…. Let him do whatever he wants…. I’ll give him the five million in an active account tomorrow morning, give him whatever he wants, and I won’t interfere in his life, ever…. Let him see how it is to have shit load of money but how fast they go out when you have to pay for everything at his fucking level….  He’s fucking 19 now…. At that age, I was a fucking adult…. Let him deal with real life…. He’ll have a good start…. The rest is on him…. I’m so fucking done with everything…. With all…. I just want to fucking die…. I live for nothing…. Everyone seems to want to fuck my life in a way or another…. Like, what the fuck did I do to deserve all this? Huh? What? Just what? Sacrificing myself too much? Being there for everyone? Paying for everything? Keeping everyone’s back? Launching myself in battle with my chest open to receive everything sent to me? I have 100.000 agents under my fucking hand! I deal with all of them! I know all their fucking names and have them under my orders! And I’m not able to handle a little fucker and a fucked-up bitch of a friend?! This is so fucking lame! Where the fuck did I go wrong with them? Where?! Giving them too much? That was it?! I have no fucking brain anymore…. Yeah…. I’m really living for nothing…. I told him always to be careful, to take precautions, to keep away from dangers, to focus on fucking studying, giving him everything to support him! For me no one did that! No fucking one! My parents couldn’t afford! I worked with my own blood to go to every school or whatever to support myself and become what I am today! I’ve worked since I was thirteen years old! That’s why I was tired and wanted to go home to rest went that bitch got raped!

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