Chapter 88 – Why Do You Look At Me Like That?|Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 88


I have some iced whisky to cool off a bit my insides. Not working. I think my stare on my baby is that of an ultimate predator right now. She’s the rabbit. The little, white, innocent one. Baby one. When she moves, my eyes move after her. And so on.

After a few hours, about three, in taking hardcore torture on me from all this, my baby, after constantly tasting and moaning over how good it is and stuff, under her lips, not on normal volume, she finally finishes the cooking. I counted the menu. Eleven dishes. Cake included. She’s a fucking Master on this, too.

No, I rested on the chair, rerunning my reactions I told you about. Yeah, I’m fucking shirtless at this point, had seven bottles of whisky with a ton of ice and I’m not able to stand. Not from alcohol. I don’t get drunk. From the other stuff. Yep.

“Perfect! 8 pm. New record, Viv. Still an awesome bitch….”

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