Chapter 86 – Otherwise, I’ll Pounce On “Little Vampy” Over There…|Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 86


She lowers the music, noticing the police cars that are officially pursuing us with sirens and voicing to stop the car.

She obviously doesn’t stop. She takes her phone out.

“Oh, other males…. Perfect…. I’ll show you…. Okay…. You’ve got such a bad day to stop me or follow my ass…. Yeah…. Josephine, baby? Yeah…. Note down.” She looks in the rear mirror and gives her the police’s car plate numbers and the number of cars following us.

I just study her, smirking and having a train of wild scenarios with my baby in bed…. The ones that are about to come….

Can’t believe she’s mine…. Thanks, dad…. I can’t thank you enough….

“They are following me….” She gives her the plates to our car, too. “Fuck them good and tell them to back off until I don’t do something stupid as I’m not under normality right now…. Thank you, babes…. Love you…. Bye…. What? Yes…. I’ll call you at midnight for that. I’ll be there at one in the morning. Yeah, yeah…. I haven’t forgotten about that…. Just my baby bro’s birthday…. Stupid me…. Yeah…. Love you….”

What?! No…. You’re not going anywhere…. Trust me….

But I keep silent. I’ll deal with that later. Yeah, she’s driving the same and in two minutes the police stop following us, voicing now, ‘We’re sorry, Madam! Drive safe!’. And they are off our back.

Only one of my phone calls would have done that to them…. Not a simple little vampire at all….

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