Chapter 109 – Hold Your Horses |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 109


I send Justin to bring breakfast in our room to avoid the motherfuckers and not ruin the divine moments I have with my baby love. I need some fucking blessed moments too in my boisterous life.

He brings it.

“It was a fucked-up night.” I let him inside as he’s starting to tell us about what happened after we had left.

“Hi, Justin.” Angel greets him.

You sexy She Devil….

I send her a bad boy stirred up look and a smirk.

She’s airing happiness and health, having her usual all black attire on, even her jacket is on, with her hair loose. I’m in a black suit, white shirt, no tie.

“Hi, Sel. Glad you’re feeling well.” He smiles and gives me the tray.

“Conclusion. None of the family is guilty. Your dad beat those he considered potential culprits. Checked the entire footage. Nothing. That girl cried all night, pleading she has nothing to do with it. Checked her out. She’s new indeed, but on cameras, nothing signaled a move from her. We are checking the food suppliers. Maybe someone sneaked in through those, though it’s a long shot as no other woman had same reactions as Sel. My opinion is that Jordan and her mom might have to do with this. On cameras they were the ones that had an attitude but kept aside as they didn’t have opportunity to act more. Jeremy is fine and alive, eating breakfast as nothing happened last night. Like his usual self. We’ll continue the investigation. It’s well covered, Eric. It’s clearly not only a bitch revenge. It’s something deeper than that and I have the feeling it’s strictly connected to Sel and not necessary to you. I don’t know… That’s all I have as of now…”

I’ll find it… Nothing, ever, escapes daddy here. Motherfuckers!

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