Chapter 106 – Why Don’t You Let Me Kill His Ass?! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 106


When I wake up, it’s dark outside and music is playing.

They must have started dinner…

I look at my Angel. She’s sleeping on me like a baby, holding me, purring like a kitty.

My baby Angel kitty love…

I smirk and kiss her in baby motion, in slow movements, and caress her back.

She’s moving her head and opens her sleepy eyes, rubbing her right eye, yawning.

“Is it late? I’ve slept a lot…” She looks at me with her baby sparkling jade eyes. She’s fine. Thank God.

Daddy loves you…

“It doesn’t matter, baby. Feeling well now? I love you, baby…” I kiss her sweet mouth and take her more on me.

I’m so fucked up…

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