Chapter 105 – I’m On Bad Things Now… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 105


The whole shit lasts for about two hours… As I said, my fucking luck! I now go upstairs to Angel as Justin has called Rick to tell him where she is. He’s guarding her even inside the house as I’ve ordered while me, mom or dad are not around. I don’t want her to be disturbed by fucking Jordan or Jeremy as they would have no fucking limits on that, too.

When I reach the door and want to enter, it’s locked.

Fuck! She locked the door… If I break it, we’ll need to move to another room…

“Rick? Go and bring me the other key. Fast. Stay low and don’t attract attention over your movements for others to see.”

He nods and goes.

I finally enter the room without making my presence known, close it, lock it, and go to bed where I see Angel all covered with the sheets.

Baby, baby, baby… Daddy is here… Why is she sweating like this? Angel?  

I feel her forehead.

She’s burning. She’s out in sleep, with her mouth a bit opened, having a heavy breathing.

“Angel? Wake up, baby.”

She’s out, not responding.

I take her in my arms and I’m feeling her face and forehead.

“Baby? Are you feeling well? Wake up, Angel.” I take some napkins from the box on my nightstand and clean her sweat.

She’s like she went under the shower. No, she’s having the same clothes on her as she had today since when we went down for lunch.

What’s happening to you, baby?!

She’s not waking up and she’s weak in my arms.

“Angel! Wake up!” I shake her up to wake up, all panicked over how she is as she has never been like this.

She barely opens her eyes, still burning up.

“E-Eric… I’m… so… hot… I’m… burning… Don’t know… what’s… happening…” She has her right hand on my chest, with a lost look in her eyes, and barely breathing, while I’m caressing her face and checking her out with my eyes to understand.

The fuck happened?! My baby…

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