Chapter 104 – All F*ckers On My Back…|Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 104


I stroke my right hand over my clothes to remove the dust and go back to Angel. If she’s going to start on the Altman, I’ll kill his ass for real today. Not even mom will get him out of my fucking hands.

My fucking luck! I knew I shouldn’t have come here! I just want my free time only with Angel now… Not fuckers to meddle and ruin my life with her! Jesus! I think I’ll take Angel and go home or somewhere she would like for the rest of the weekend… I’m fucking done! Family shit…

When I reach the house, she’s in the garden speaking with her dad over the phone about some contracts. I go to her. She’s with her back at me, and I take her in my arms, from her back, and kiss her neck, making her startle and attempting to get violent, but when she sees it’s me, she rolls her eyes and continues her conversation with her dad.

My baby…

“I’ve almost punched you, Satan. Finished playing?” She smirks at me, having her arms around my neck and kissing my left cheek.

I wasn’t playing… I would kill him for real…

I have a bad boy stare and smile at her, taking her mouth for some time as I need that so fucking bad.

“Want to go back home or somewhere else, Angel?” Puppy eyes at her…

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