Chapter 103 – I’ll F*cking Smash You! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 103


 “Who’s criticizing my royal ass?!” Jeremy comes in with his right hand in his pocket all full of himself, moving his eyebrows at me and smirking.

You fucking bastard… I’ll kill Rick and Justin…

I roll my eyes at his sight and puff, having some whisky.

“Uncle? See? He’s bad to me! Always like this! Not fair… And this morning! Yeah! He threw me into Jordan’s arms! Like, what the fuck?! She loves his ass, not mine, thank you very much… He needs to deal with her, not my ass…” He grabs the glass with whisky from my hand and drinks it…

Oh! I’ll kill you!

I stand up to punch him, but he takes protection behind my dad, laughing like a little boy and pointing at me.

“See?! Cover for me, uncle! He’s on to beat me! Look at his eyes! He’s going to kill my fucking ass!”

It’s good you have awareness over that… Son of a bitch!

“Jeremy? Come here. Don’t get my dad between us if you want to still breathe after… You motherfucker!” I go after his ass while he’s running around the table and dodging me.

You fucking brat! I’ll kill your ass!

Dad is laughing at all this while I’m fuming. Angel is silent.

“You won’t catch me! I’ve got skilled since last beating!” He has just stuck out his tongue at me…

Oh! I’ll take that out in a second!

“Uncle! Help!”

“I’ll help you! In a fucking minute! You’re going down! You son of a bitch!”

He’s like a fucking squirrel, running and hiding at times behind dad to my increasing anger on him.

Oh! You’re out!

I’m a mad dog in attitude and look at him.

“Dad? Are they always like this?” Angel asks with a surprised voice.

“Since they were kids, sweetie. Even at toys, if they didn’t have the same one, it went war between them. Well, even if it was the same one, the one the other had was more attractive to the other one than his own.” Dad laughs with appetite while me and Jeremy continue our thing.

The motherfucker has just jumped out in the garden.

I’m after him.

Enrage me even more, you fucker!

“When I’ll catch you, don’t be sorry!”

You’re fucking lucky I don’t have my gun on me! I would have fucking shot you! NO COMMENT!

“I’m not sorry!  I’m running! That’s a huge difference! Catch me!” He’s laughing in tears like a mad man, running, jumping over some fences and changing routes to escape me. We have running speed and when we’ll collide, his ass is going down for good!

Son of a fucking bitch!

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