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Chapter 102


At 2 pm we are downstairs. I did this on purpose to avoid the majority and be only with my baby love to have lunch. The others had it at 1 pm as it was set. We have lunch on a separate side of the house, a private one. I put Justin and Rick to guard it and not let the crazy bastards disturb us. I’m more lunatic against them like I have never been now that I’m with Angel. I have no want to see anyone, but the cat and dog sniffing around to find my fucking ass and Angel’s. No, thank you.

During our lunch, my dad comes in all smiling and luminous to see my baby Angel.

“Sweetie! Dad hasn’t seen you! Come to papa with the little one!” He goes to Angel and hugs her, feeling our son.

“My baby grandson… Grandpa can’t wait to see your little ass…” He now kisses her forehead.

“I’m so happy with my kids. Come on. Sit down, baby. Son? Hope you’re a good husband to my daughter…” He sends me a turbulent look.

He’s all dressed up in a black suit, white shirt with black buttons and a tie to match the look, all neat and a worthy businessman, taking a chair to sit on.

I have a devilish smile at him, leaned back on my chair with whisky in my hand on the table.

Like you don’t know yourself… I’m good, dad… He, he, he…

“Yup. If you know yourself, you know your son, dad. No worries….” I have some whisky, sending him a you-know-very-well-what-I-mean look.

My baby love has nothing bad to say about me, except for loving her too much in her opinion… Other than that… No.

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