Chapter 101 – Daddy Is Serious In All He Does And Says… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 101


Hey, mom! Looking beautiful!” I wink at mom, taking Angel with my left arm around her waist and kissing the top of her head.

She’s having hurricane into her eyes, but I just smirk at my baby.

Don’t worry, Angel… Daddy always gets what he wants… You, as always, have no say in this… My Angel…

“Aww! Don’t make me blush… Who’s screaming at the door?” She looks aside to see what’s happening, but she can’t see the door as we’re in the living room, far away from the door, but the screaming and the knocking that is raping the door can be heard.

Fucking Jordan…

“I don’t know, mom… Probably a wild crazy cat… I would advise you to send the bodyguards to deal with it. It’s a bit dangerous for you…” I snort in laughter.

I would fucking kill her, too… Now. My baby Angel…

“What? Isn’t it Jordan? Why? She harassed you again?” Yeah, my mom knows I don’t like her way of expressing her craziness over me, as in never…

I have nothing against Jordan, but when it comes to my own person, I don’t take it well. I’ve always told her that we are just cousins and no romance will ever be involved, but she’s never giving up. As you can see, not even after I’ve fucking got married…

“Yeah… But kissed Jeremy in my place…” I silently laugh…

Mom laughs, and satisfaction can be read over her face.

Angel stays silent to hear the conversation, but still having hurricane iciness in her eyes at me.

“Anyway… Mommy? You’ll have to excuse us. We’re tired from the road and need some rest… We’ll be down for lunch and stuff… Or, we’ll see how much rest…we need… Tell dad I’ll speak with him later about what he wanted. I’ll show Angel my bedroom now… It’s only in the manners section to do that… And I’ll show her the rest of the house and the estate… After… Bye-bye, mommy…”

Angel is fidgeting and wants to say something against it, but I take her in a strong grip and kiss her mouth quickly.

“Come with daddy… I’ll show you my baby pictures. We have some here, too.”

She frowns at me and sends desperate looks at mom while mom is happy to see we get along under some normal levels… She knows this is normality for Rodricks men, so, she won’t take sides… She’s my mom after all…

I wink at mom.

Love you, mom… Angel? Let’s go upstairs…

I grab Angel, put her on my shoulder and take the stairs as she’s wanted to escape and go behind mom for prevention.

Daddy always gets… Not even mom can protect you from daddy here… He, he, he…

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