Chapter 99 – I Already Have A Bad Feeling For This Shit… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 99


Every year on 17th February, we celebrate inside the Rodricks family the day when first Rodricks gave the start of the legacy. All members of the family gather at the most powerful family and have a little party with barbecue and such. All members as in all members, no matter if it’s from wife or husband’s side. Of course, all the important members as in cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and nephews and nieces for the ones that already have kids. Besides my parents, there will be around 47 relatives present from the eldest to the youngest. At least, these were the numbers for last year. My ass of a cousin will be there, too. Actually, my two asses of cousins.

Jeremy Rodricks is one year younger than me. No, he didn’t attend my wedding as he was in Europe with business and it was difficult for him to come. Can’t say I missed his ass there… He’s single and resembles me in appearance like we are fucking twins at some levels. The difference between us is that his hair is raven-hued and has jade eyes like Angel. He’s a crazy motherfucker and never submissive, though I’m way above him in rankings and power. He’s been like that since a child.

Jeremy is the spitting image and behavior of one born with the silver spoon in his fucking mouth. Can’t say we weren’t born like that, but I have values, ethics and morals, whereas he doesn’t have awareness over those. He’s a total player and loves to hit on women as long as he has interest over the respective person. He has no understanding over limits and respect.

Well, like his dad. My old man beat his dad several times because he was crossing limits with my mom. I really hope it won’t be the case between us as in the younger generation. I would fucking kill him, not resume in just trashing his ass… Yeah, I’ve kicked his ass many times before on various situations… I sure hope he’s still in fucking Europe and he’ll miss this meeting, too…

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