Chapter 98 – You F*cking Played Me! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 98


After some more irritating replies we get on a calmer note and set the venue for our double date. He’s going to get Marta and bring her there and I’ll take Angel and meet there.

I have a big red roses bouquet for my baby Angel and a diamonds bracelet with Angel letters hanging around it. Yeah, I ordered it since last week to be ready for Valentine’s Day. My baby is my most precious and my top priority in all. I love her so much…

I call her but, as always, she doesn’t answer to my phone number. I grab Justin’s phone and call her.

She answers…

I’ll see to this… You’ll have daddy punish your Angel ass for this… My She Devil…

“Baby? I’m waiting for you at home.” I can feel she’s rolling her eyes on me.

Baby, baby, baby…

“I’m coming. I have just dropped Marta at her place to dress up. I’ll be there in fifteen. She was a bit upset. Did you speak to Derek?”

Shit! That old bastard…

“Yeah, baby. They’ll come tonight. He’s taking her from her place and then we’ll meet at the club we chose earlier. Everything is fine, Angel.”

God? Forgive me as I’ve sinned… I’ve lied to Angel… But it’s for a good cause… A bit… OK! I KNOW I’M SELFISH! BUT I WANT SOME PEACE AND QUIET, TOO! Sorry, God, I’ve yelled… Forgive me…

I keep a cool attitude in voice while speaking with Angel… If she finds out, both my and Derek’s asses are out…

“Alright. See you at home. Bye.”

She bought it… Thank you, God…

“Love y…” Of course she hung up on me… Nothing new under the sky… Daddy loves his Empress… He, he, he…

I send a bull stare to Justin for he’s always having free answer line to Angel, and I go inside the house after throwing his phone back to him.

After half an hour, she comes home.

Fifteen minutes, huh? You She Devil… Torturing daddy’s ass… I’ve had half a whisky bottle to keep my patience… Man! She’s so cute, sexy and mine… Baby love…

“Baby? Did you stop somewhere else?”

Don’t send hurricane eyes on me, Angel…

“Why, Satan? Missed something?” She has some shopping bags in her hands.

Yeah, me loving my baby…

I go to her, take her bags and have her in my arms, kissing her in baby motion.

“Daddy here… How was your mom?” I give Justin the bags to take them in the kitchen. I’m having a heated taurine look at her, keeping her in my arms.

She’s having a tired stare.

What’s wrong, baby?

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