Chapter 100 – You’re A Lunatics Family… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 100


The car has stopped, but I’m still kissing her and we’re with our doors closed. Justin and Rick might have heard her screaming against me, and they’ve got down the car but guarding it and not opening it. They know my orders in such cases for me and my baby Angel… I wink and smirk at you guys right now…

“ERIC! REALLY?! FUCKING BEHAVE! DON’T EMBARRASS MY ASS IN FRONT OF YOUR PARENTS AND RELATIVES! YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She’s trying to break the kiss and push me down from her, but again, I don’t fucking care, as always, and continue my thing on her, covering that screaming mouth of hers with my own…

Daddy wants love treatment… And he wants it now… My sexy deadly Angel…

She manages to open the door and push herself away from me and get down the car, all puffing, with a labored breathing, as it has been an intense kissing session and feeling of her and from how much she’s stormed to get out, arranging her leather jacket all pissed at me, and putting her hair back in order, sending me fire spears with her eyes, while I crazy laugh in tears at her from the car.

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