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Chapter 97


After we have breakfast, she goes to take the jet and have a quick visit to her mom’s, and I take Justin and the car to meet with Derek as I texted him during breakfast to meet at one of my VVIP restaurants that usually hosts our lunch when we get together.

“Hey, bro! Had a day off, too?” I greet him, but he’s a bit off, concerned about something.

Seems personal… I’ll find out…

“Hey! Missed your bastard ass!” We have a men’s embrace greeting and get seated on our spots at the table. I have already ordered my iced whisky and a coffee, and the same for him.

“Me, too. So, what’s the matter? You don’t seem in your usual waters, bro. Something happened?”

He has a change of grimace and looks aside, now back at me.

Yep… Something is up…

“Come on. Tell me. If I can, I’ll help your old ass. You know that.”

He has some whisky and lays back on his chair, looking at me with studying eyes.

That can’t be good… Staying silent for so long is usually a bad sign…

“It’s personal, in the sense it’s about my private life… About Marta…”

I already know from Angel you two are together… That was the problem? I don’t find anything against your relationship… There’s the age gap, but if you love each other and things go well between you guys, don’t understand where the problem is…

“I know you’re with Marta from Angel. Congratulations, bro!” I raise my glass of whisky and then have some.

He’s not happy… Man! Angel will be pissed on him if he plays the kid… Shit…

“Yeah… It happened like that…”

Happened? You fucked her and now regret it… Jesus…

“Get into details. Come on. Spill. We’re between us. You can say.”

He’s so fucked up. He doesn’t air want for a serious relationship with the kid.

Why the fuck did you get involved with Marta, if you didn’t want to fucking have a relationship with her? She’s your fucking employee, man! And she’s not a bad girl. Angel is fond of the kid… Your ass will go down for sure because of this… That Marta always involves her heart into her relationships, and she’ll tell Angel about this when you’ll breakup with her… Fuck… You’ll be fucking banned…

I have some whisky, waiting for him to explain.

He’s loosening his tie, having his hand on his whisky, glaring inside of it.

“I don’t know what happened…”

At your age, you don’t fucking know what happened… That’s a first, big bro…

“I think I lost my mind for a second and…”

I fucking hate you already…

I have some coffee, keeping myself calm outside.

As a man, I can understand him and know what he’s saying, but that girl is connected to Angel, and that makes her connected to me as well as a family friend. She was my wife’s bridesmaid. She has a special place in our family now. Like Derek has, too.

“I’ve got involved with her. It happened so fast. She’s fucking younger than me, a goofy one, all over the place, the opposite I usually like and want… I’m so fucked up with all this… I don’t know… I’m her fucking boss… Never got involved with my people like this… It’s a first… I fucking lost my fucking mind… That fucking happened…”

Yeah, blame it on your mind instead of your fucking dick… Jesus…

He’s drinking the remainder of his whisky in one shot and asks the waiter for a refill.

“Did you sleep with her?”

Don’t know why I’m fucking asking this… You wouldn’t be so fucking worked up if you haven’t… Man!

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