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Chapter 96


Today is Valentine’s Day, 14th of February. Yeah, she’s using her powers lately. Sometimes against me and sometimes against Rick and Justin.

Rick and Justin? Well, for Rick whenever he goes after her drives, she’s sending a flat tire, a broken engine, an out of power board and such. For Justin? If he goes per my orders and doesn’t do her way, she makes him miss a step on the stairs, his car won’t go, his phone instantly goes without battery, and the suit. She’s very creative in revenging. My She Devil… No, she’s not sick or having side effects now for using them.

Against me? She can’t do much against me… But she constantly tries to punish daddy for different things that don’t go per her wants.

Anyhow, when I go to work, she sneaks out and goes into missions. I know about it, but Rick is out of breath to keep up with her and the rest of agents. She’s too fast and strong for them to cope with her movements. I’m having my horses punished to accept her outings, but I want to give her the freedom she wants. I now know she’s more able to protect herself and dangers aren’t as they used to with the range of powers she has.

However, my wants and feelings of protecting her and keeping her at home and only working mostly for her company from our office back at our place are always there. I can’t change that. As long as I can offer such protection, safety, financial stability, I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to agree and undergo the new life.

We had a big argument over this. The outcome is the same as always. I’m ordering and owning her, and she wants her own person and freedom… I keep my opinion and she does hers. I know I can be extremely possessive, but to my defense I have best intentions. Dangers are still present and she’s using her health and energy for everything she does. So, where am I wrong and ordering in all this? She’s stubborn… I know…

The pregnancy is going well. There are no problems so far. The baby is developing, and we even had a first baby picture. It’s a little guy in there, waiting to be born and be in daddy’s arms. Even though he’s not developed in size, we have technology to see him and his growth. Plus, we always run in-depth tests to check up on him. He’s a strong baby boy and his genes are already confirmed to be shared between his daddy and mommy. I’m a happy, proud daddy… My baby boy Angel…

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