Chapter 93 – Blood Oath Of Heartbreak Centuries Ago… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 93


Yeah, I knew the serums won’t work on her. They told me. She has lots of abilities and supernatural powers and the Death Angel in her is adding to all that. I knew about Death Angels too well.

But I avoided in acknowledging as my heart was being reminded of my past love. So, I shut down inside of me that awareness, wanting to focus on my Selena, that in this life and forever I love her like no other. I didn’t tell her to not freak out.

They said that there are fifty-fifty chances to have the awakening. Therefore, they gave me the potion for numbing her inside supernatural outburst and the bracelet as backup to contain it when she’ll wake up. Yes, the potion is working only temporarily, just until I take her to a safe place. Which I did after I gave it to her.

When I saw her in her Death Angel state with her red velvet unmistakably eyes and felt her real energy, I knew on the spot she was my eternal love, General Saredonna Death Bloody Black Angel, one of the most powerful Death Angels of all times.

She’s a warrior that fights bad and takes bad souls and dark entities. Don’t get mistaken by her red eyes. She’s not a demon. She’s a true Angel, like myself. The red eyes are signature for her ranking in the above divine realm and to have powers to fight real demons and such. She’s not a monster, like I’m not one as well. We’re for positive action and to keep balance in the human and supernatural world. Though as humans we still lead normal human lives like any other human and we can get sick and such if not having treatments and stuff like I do through my actual status and family. Yes, we always remember our origins and past lives. The real awakening starts at 16. Mine was at sixteen, I don’t know why hers wasn’t at that age, too.

In all my lives, I have never loved a woman from my heart. Only her. I have always searched for her as I knew she got reincarnated as well. I would postpone marrying in front of my then families as much as I could. Sometimes, I wouldn’t marry per life, other times, I had to because of family status and wants. Yeah, I have always been on high horses like I am now and had responsibilities, the way I do now. It pained my heart each time I had to do that, as I had always failed in finding my one and only love in the worlds.

She has always been older than me. As an Angel soul and entity, she’s only about one hundred years older than me, yet, I have always been stronger than her and on higher levels. I have always been a male and her a female in all our states and reincarnations as human bodies.

What happened back then? I know you guys are curious about that. I smirk at you guys right now… Alright. I’ll tell you. I was the Angel of Destruction. One of the Princes above. Yeah, yeah, always a big shot… Don’t roll your eyes at me… He, he, he…

Anyways, she was under my command, my General Death Angel. She had under her command legions of Death Angels. This was before our reincarnations in human states and lives. She has always been beautiful and Angelic… Yeah, sorry, just recalling her past self… My baby Angel love…

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